Work project 'Nature management and infrastructure'

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Roll up your sleeves, put on your working gloves!

Nature management

Work up a sweat, have the time of your life in nature!
With spades, smoothing trowels, saws, forks, axes and wheelbarrows, we'll be heading to a piece of nature on the domain that is in urgent need of a helping hand. But working hard is not the only thing on your menu.

Through all your efforts, you also learn why certain interventions are useful or even necessary for nature. Thanks to a helping hand from man (nature management), we can create an even bigger biodiversity in certain areas.

As you are working in an area with a great many species, there's a good chance you'll encounter some pretty special creatures. This may well be your chance to observe these creatures from close-by. We discover who and what is living in a piece of nature at de Hoge Rielen.

So roll up your sleeves and have a sweat, but don't forget to discover and enjoy yourself.

Infrastructural works

In this workshop, you help shaping de Hoge Rielen of tomorrow. We roll up our sleeves to make the domain even more beautiful, practical, logical, better.

• Age: 6 - 18+
Group size: all is possible
• Duration: all is possible
• Themes: discovering, cooperating, experimenting