De Hoge Rielen is a car-free domain. That's why the number of cars is limited. Persons driving into the domain must observe a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

Upon registration:
• All cars must be parked on the car park at Onthaal
• Buses, trucks and vans must wait on bus parking. They can only drive into the domain through the entrence for suppliers (leveranciersingang).
• Never park or stop with your vehicle on the roundabout, on the stop strip of the bus service, on the deceleration/acceleration lane of the bus parking or before a barrier.

On the layout plan, you can check which car park is closest to your building or campsite.

Automatic barriers and bollards
There are automatic barriers and bollards to drive in or out of the domain:
• at Poort Noord
• at Poort Oost (Ossengoor)
• at Poort Zuid
• at the entrance for suppliers (leveranciersingang)

Driving cards
For dropping of and picking up material, you can use the cargo bike and/or the gocart that belongs to your building or campsite. When you arrive or leave you can ask the reception for driving allowance. Three cars can drive on the domain. The driving card is valid for four hours (according to the hours on your reservation summary). F.e. when your reservation starts on Monday at 10:00, you have driving allowance untill 14:00. When your reservation ends on Thursday at 16:00, you get driving allowance starting from 12:00 untill 16:00. During the weekend driving cards are only valid on Friday from 19:00 untill 23:00 and on Sunday from 13:00 untill 19:00.