European volunteers

Through the ‘Youth In Action’ project, de Hoge Rielen brings in some helping hands as well as another culture.

Two foreign volunteers spend nine months at de Hoge Rielen, they get to know the organisation, our country, our habits and our way of working. In exchange for board and lodging and a small allowance, they roll up their sleeves on our domain. You can read their blog about their stay at de Hoge Rielen / Belgium.

Volunteers 2017: Javi from Spain and Vanessa from Germany.

Volunteers 2016: Max from Italy and Ania from Poland.

Volunteers 2015: Nicole and Paula from Spain. 

Volunteers 2014: Meissa from Spain and Maria from Russia.

Volunteers 2013: Javi from Spain and Maja from Serbia.

Visit the ‘Youth In Action’ website for more information about this project.