Shed camping Plus

A combination of camping on a campsite and staying in a shed. Your group has disposal of a campsite, a renovated shed and a fully renovated sanitary block with warm showers.

The sheds of Kamp 8 - boog and Kamp 9 - boemerang have been especially fitted out for this. Every shed has a big open space, a kitchen box and a sleeping box.

kitchen box
The kitchen boxes have 3 gas burners and a worktop with kitchen sink. Pots and pans must be provided by you, as real campers do. 

sleeping box
The sleeping boxes have bed boxes (2.10 x 0.94 m) and a floor for mattresses. You can decide yourself whether you sleep inside, camp outside or combine both. In both sheds, space is provided for in the sleeping compartment for storing luggage.

The shed of Kamp 8 - boog offers sleeping space for 60 persons. This shed has 33 bed boxes (without mattresses) available.
The shed of Kamp 9 - boemerang offers sleeping space for 60 persons. Here, 27 bed boxes (without mattresses) are available.

Kamp 8 - boog: + 300 persons (6000 m²)                    photo gallery
Kamp 9 - boemerang: + 150 persons (2000 m²)

booking information
The rates for shed camping plus are calculated as follows: price per person per 24 hours (minimum 20 persons) + price per shed per 24 hours.