Restaurant de Hoge Rielen

Restaurant meals

Know what you eat! Click here for the menu of the week.

Don't feel like cooking during your stay? 
Every day at lunchtime, we serve in our restaurant a healthy and balanced hot meal.
You prefer not to eat meat? We also provide for a veggie alternative.
For children below 9, you can ask for children's meals.

To avoid long waiting times, we give each group their own lunch hour.

The restaurant can also serve breakfast and dinner for your group.

Special menus
Special occasions often ask for special meals. For instance, you may want to enjoy our excellent brunch with the whole of your family. Or have a barbecue when the weather is good? We make sure everything is ready: meat, vegetables and sausages as well as the actual barbecue and charcoal of course. The only thing you'll have to do is grill the meat.

Don't like the offer of the week menu? We also have adjusted day menus. You can go for a steak or fillet of chicken with French fries and a sauce of your choice. We also offer a varied range of sandwiches.  Just pass on your order and we will deliver the sandwiches to your lodge.

Delivery at your lodge
It is possible to have your meals delivered to your lodge. Please make inquiries when booking.


Ordinary meals
You provide us with an estimate of the number of meals at least two months in advance. The exact numbers must be confirmed at least 14 days in advance.

Booking and confirming ordinary meals can be done through the reception & information office (014 55 84 10 or

Special menus
Special menus and delivery of meals to pavilions or campsites can be arranged by appointment only. Contact the catering service at least 2 months prior to your stay to apply for special menus or deliveries to your accommodation (014 55 84 21 or

More information

014 55 84 21