Small oak creatures!

The indigenous (summer) oak is a gigantic hotel. No less than 637 different species of organisms stop by at regular intervals. In the workshop 'Small oak creatures!' we will discover this wealth of insects and bugs on and in the oak. Through the workshop we will become captivated by their way of life, eating habits and enemies. At the end of the workshop, we will have built our own food pyramid. One single oak supports a whole food chain of little creatures that eat and are eaten.

This workshop is a mix of playful elements and the empiric development of factual knowledge.

We provide you with all necessary equipment and comprehensive instructionsl. You may also consider to rent the treehouse - built all around a huge oak - for this workshop as unworldly cool location for your game.

Download here the manual of 'Small oak creatures!'.

Age: from 10 - 10 years
Group size: max. 25
Duration: 2h

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