Rope course



  Only with monitors

The rope course includes 5 height tests. The monitors select 2 that are suited for their group.

Cable (height: 9 metres)
You walk sideward on a steel cable while holding on to a horizontal rope or vertical ropes.

Pamper Pole (height: 7 metres)
You climb on a high pole, turn around and jump from it. The group ensures proper protection.

Twin beams (height: 8 metres)
Two youngsters each climb on their suspended beam. They hold on to each other's shoulder and walk towards the end of the beam. How well can they keep one another in balance?

Giant ladder (height: 10 metres)
A giant ladder with giant rungs! You climb in teams of 3 and try to climb as high as possible by working together. Meanwhile, three colleagues ensure your safety.

Swinging beams (height: 8 metres)
The whole team tries to get five beams balanced using ropes. A member of the group must climb over these beams to the other side.

Age: minimum age 12 years, except for swinging beams: minimum 14 years and giant ladder: minimum 16 years
Group size: min. 10 - max. 15
Duration: 2.5 h.
Monitoring: by members of N&A

Because winter weather conditions might affect both the safety and the actual experience of the rope track, we hold a winter break from 1 December up to 1 March. So, in this period the rope track cannot be booked.

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