De Hoge Rielen is a car-free domain. That's why the number of cars is limited. Persons driving into the domain must observe a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

Upon registration:
• All cars must be parked on car park 1 or 2.
• Buses, trucks and vans must wait on car park 2. They can only drive into the domain through gate 2. Through the back side of car park 2, they can easily drive into the domain through gate 2.
• Never park or stop with your vehicle on the roundabout, on the stop strip of the bus service, on the deceleration/acceleration lane of car park 2 or before a barrier.

On the layout plan, you can check which car park is closest to your pavilion or campsite.

Automatic barriers

There are three automatic barriers to drive in or out of the domain:
• at gate 2
• at gate 4
• at gate 5 (Ossengoor)

Driving cards
Per driving card, you may drive into the domain with one car and drive out again to an external car park within two hours. Per pavilion or campsite, a fixed number of driving cards is available for the arrival, stay and departure of the group.