Ordering food & beverages

Don't feel like transporting heaps of food and beverages? Or you don't want to interrupt your stay here to go to the supermarket? There is no shop at de Hoge Rielen but ...
our order service delivers food to each pavilion or campsite. This way, you don't have to collect anything by car yourself. Better for the environment and safer for playing children on the domain.

What can you order?

For bread, meat and beverages, de Hoge Rielen has entered into long-term partnerships with local suppliers. That's why these products cannot be ordered via Collect&Go?

When and how do you order this?

When? At least 4 working days prior to your arrival, you order, to the extent possible, all dry foodstuffs, non-food, beverages, fruit and vegetables. If you arrive on a public holiday, it's recommended to place your order a day earlier.
For ready meals and barbecue products, longer reservation terms apply: you'd best do this 2 months in advance.

How? Open the order form here. Fill in your order and save it temporarily on your computer. Send an e-mail to bestellen@dehogerielen.be enclosing the completed order form as annex.
At the bottom of this order form, you'll also find a direct link to the order page of Collect&Go.

Prices? For this 'home' delivery service de Hoge Rielen charges an extra delivery cost. Prices are comparable to those applied by Collivery.



When and how will your order be delivered?

Upon your arrival in your pavilion or on your campsite, we will have your order ready for you. Campers can immediately collect their meat in the restaurant, where it is kept cool for them.

Deliveries are made every day between 10 and 11 am.

The baker delivers every day between 8 and 8.30 am. Don't forget to remove the key from the door of your pavilion so that the baker can put away the order in the porch.

Placing extra orders

You can place extra orders during your stay through the "ordering" service. Please take into account the following ordering terms:

  • Baker, butcher, brewer: before 11 am on the workday prior to the delivery.
  • Baker on Sunday: ordering is possible until Saturday before 11 am.
  • For other merchandise via Colruyt: before 11 am two workdays prior to the delivery. This can be done through the internet in the reception & information office.

Ready meals

Meals in your pavilion

You want to have restaurant meals delivered to your pavilion? This is possible at the same price. The only thing you have to do is ... washing the dishes. For the delivery of meals, the same ordering terms and contact data apply as for meals in the restaurant.

Ordering: via info@dehogerielen.be or 014 55 84 10.


Ordering of ingredients
You want to have a barbecue? That is possible. If you order all ingredients at de Hoge Rielen, we will provide you with a barbecue free of charge.

Ordering: via info@dehogerielen.be, 014 55 84 10 or here online.

Preparing a complete barbecue
For groups of at least 15 persons, our kitchen team can also prepare a complete barbecue for you. We deliver the meat, bread, vegetables and sauces to your pavilion, your campsite or to the pub terrace. Your group puts on the barbecue and grills the meat; the barbecue itself and charcoal are included. Order the food at least 2 months in advance. In the summer, we can be a bit more lenient, but don't wait too long.

Ordering: via info@dehogerielen.be or 014 55 84 10.

Alarm phase red: no barbecue
If there is alarm phase red for fire hazard on the domain, barbecuing is forbidden.
More info: through the reception & information office.

French fries, grilled chicken, soup, filled sandwiches

Order these at least three working days beforehand and collect everything in the restaurant.

Ordering: via info@dehogerielen.be, 55 84 10 or here online.