Mission of de Hoge Rielen

We create space for an authentic lodging experience, adventure and peace and quiet.

Based on the following values and principles:


We create space for everyone, young people as well as others. They find on this domain a unique setting, a safe haven of pure nature and bare concrete.

Authentic lodging experience

We try to turn every stay into an authentic experience. Through a flexible atmosphere, true commitment and a professional service we create a sense of playfulness for our guests. All people staying at de Hoge Rielen are our guests. Monitors often refer to their youngsters as 'their blokes'. Well now, we at de Hoge Rielen also consider these lanky boys and girls as 'our blokes'.


De Hoge Rielen is the perfect destination for educational/pedagogic activities. We want to offer our guests such adventures. Experiences that excite the imagination, stimulate, activate and help to discover.

Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet. That's the first and deepest impression among our guests and groups. After having been busy playing and running around, our unique setting also provides space to relax and unwind, both inside and outside. Peace and quiet is inherent to de Hoge Rielen, where people have breathing space.