Gebouw 6 - dobbelsteen

Capacity: 36 persons

Closest car park: car park at Poort Noord

Approval label from Tourist Board Flanders: youth accommodation of type C

Accessibility label A

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General info: 

- best equipped and cosy buiding, quietly located, outdoor sitting area in landscaped garden
- small bedrooms, several meeting rooms
- floor heating


- day room with chairs and tables
- elevated sitting area with fireplace, small armchairs
- meeting room with soft chairs, tables (20 persons)
- meeting room with small armchairs (20 persons)
- small staff room

Target goups: 

- groups taking a course, school groups, sports groups


- 6 bedrooms for 4 persons each (2 bunk beds)
- 6 bedrooms for 2 persons each (1 bunk bed)
- in all rooms washbasin, shelf for suitcase and storage cupboard for toiletries
- 1 duvet per bed (we've pulled protective sleeves over these duvets that could be held for duvet covers. However, this is not the case. You must bring your own bottom sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover from home. Of course, you can also bring a bottom sheet, pillowcase and sleeping bag from home.)


- equipped for making coffee and tea, lunch and dinner must be taken in the restaurant.

Sanitary facilities: 

- 4 showers
- bathroom with toilet and shower chair for disabled persons