Gebouw 54 - klaver

Closest car park = car park at Poort Zuid/Poort Onthaal

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General info: 

Small but very functional rooms near pavilion 17.
Much attention has been paid to the design: a construction made of hexagonal high rooms for sufficient air circulation, a meeting hall, outdoor terraces.
Carefully selected materials: cork floors, corkboards, sound-insulating walls, dimmed lights.
Wireless internet is possible.

Food and beverage must be ordered through de Hoge Rielen. Caterers and external suppliers are not allowed access to the domain. Our restaurant serves delicious three-course meals or you can take your lunch box to the pub. It is recommended to discuss this beforehand with the reception & information desk. There, you can also order a range of beverages for your meeting room. 

  • V1 (90 seats in plenary room or 60 in rectangle) + large video screen
  • V2 (12 chairs + 16 small armchairs + 8 tables)
  • V3 (14 chairs + table in fixed set-up)
  • V4 (17 chairs + 2 low tables)
Target goups: 

These rooms are suited for meeting groups, school groups, courses, therapy groups, board meetings and seminars. You can rent them for several days, for 1 day or per day section.