biotope studies

Nature explorers can explore three interesting biotopes here at de Hoge Rielen: water, heath (wet and dry) and forest (mixed deciduous forest or pine forest). Every biotope or ecological community has its own typical living conditions, animals and plants that need one another to survive.

In every biotope study, you can discover what these typical living conditions are and which animals and plants you may encounter. We perform our study based on exploration techniques such as soil drillings, water analyses, determination of animals and plants. This will enable us to establish some interesting links between living conditions, plants and animals.

These workshops are also possible without monitors. We provide you with all necessary equipment in a box, comprehensive instructions with background information and a range of possible assignments. You can also download and print field work booklets yourself and have them completed by your pupils. Click on the biotope study of your choice for the instructions.

Age: basic education 2nd and 3rd degree, secondary education 1st and 2nd degree
Group size: max. 25
Duration: 2h
Monitoring: by members of N&A or by yourself