Animal ways

Only with monitors

We explore the wild nature of de Hoge Rielen with our eyes wide open.

How do insects eat their food?
How do animals run, gambol, jump, crawl or fly? Can we do that as well?
How do animals build their nests?
How do predators stalk their prey?
 How do they make themselves invisible?
And how do their helpless preys defend themselves?
How can you see that animal couples are in love with one another?
 And how do they express it to each other?

In short, everything revolves around animals and their peculiar ways! We imitate some lovely animals. We organise a running contest with bugs. We eat as insects do. We behave like animals in love looking for a male or female partner.

Age: from 6 - 6 years
Group size: max. 25
Duration: 2h
Monitoring: by members of N&A

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